Meghan FitzpatrickDigital Marketing and Events Specialis

    Meghan Fitzpatrick is a digital marketing and communications specialist, but a traveler and storyteller at heart. After growing up in the UK where she attended an international school, and ultimately earning a degree in English Literature from UCLA, California, Meghan then country hopped and worked across a variety of industries. From working with Wonderbra London and Netflix Los Angeles, to working in and appreciating the diverse cultures of Uganda,  Mexico, Australia, the US, and UK – Meghan has an insatiable thirst for new experiences. She managed the writing department and helped grow the online presence for – one of Mexico’s largest travel blogs. With a deep passion for the creative arts, specifically film and photography, she consulted at Netflix in their PR department. Meghan is a student of the world who witnessed 3rdworld conditions for the first time in India when she was just eleven. It had a huge impact on her. Now as a young woman, she’s devoted to Yoga training in Spain and India, and hopes to inspire others. Each life experience cascaded serendipitously onto the next, so it’s no wonder Meghan gravitated towards social media as a medium for self-expression. It has since amplified her voice, helped channel her love for writing, and enabled her to foster incredibly intimate relationships with people by breaking down geographical barriers. It’s these very skills Meghan plans to employ within Next Gen to do whatever it takes to make a difference in the lives of children across seven continents.