Why Syria matters to me

By Sara Green Please follow me on a journey… After a ten-year career as a professional dancer, I decided to make a change in my life and came up with an idea to create arts programs for [...]

The Power You Hold

By Sophie Kasmi In light of Unicef’s Refugee Family Reunion Campaign, Sophie Kasmi discusses the common misperception that we are unable to influence law reform The English legal system is widely [...]


Pop-up With A Difference

By Layla Yarjani ‘Pop-up’ restaurants are not an unusual sight in East London. Over the last few years hundreds of these temporary eateries have appeared, seemingly overnight, in bars, on streets [...]


People Not Numbers

By Jamie Bartlett In articles, news reports and photographs refugees and immigrants somehow lose their humanity. They are just numbers. They are faceless people that queue, walk, wait, sail, [...]


Unicef NEXTGen x Techfugees Tech Talk

Via Gila Norich at Techfugees UNICEF’s NextGen event held on October 10th in collaboration with Techfugees served as a strong reminder that the brightest and most well-placed in the tech sector [...]


UNICEF Jamaica

Words by Serena Guen As the plane’s wheels screeched off the tarmac of Port Antonio’s airport, I felt a very complicated mix of happy and sad. Trying to process my emotions, I thought back to the [...]

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