South Sudan

What’s happening in South Sudan?

Since the conflict started over a year ago, hundreds of thousands of children have been driven from their homes, schools and communities. Their lives endangered by violence, malnutrition and disease.

Children in South Sudan are facing an emergency of epic proportions. 50,000 children are in danger of dying if they do not receive life-saving food now. One million children under 5 will require treatment for acute malnutrition this year.

More than 1.7m people have fled their homes since fighting began and children are threatened by disease, malnutrition and forced recruitment into armed groups. Cholera is also a threat.

An estimated 400,000 children have been forced out of school and 12,000 are reported as being used by armed forces and groups in the conflict. With traditional social structures damaged, children are also increasingly vulnerable to violence and to sexual abuse and exploitation.

How will my donation help children?

Unicef is doing everything it can for South Sudan’s children, providing essential food and clean water, as well as education and protection from danger, abuse and exploitation.

With your donations in 2014, Unicef helped treat more than 87,000 children for severe malnutrition, provided clean drinking water to nearly 500,000 people, vaccinated more than 870,000 children against measles and provided critical psychological support to nearly 140,000 children.

But we simply don’t have enough funds to reach every child and the situation is getting worse every day. Your donation can help children in Sudan who need it most.










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