Hortense DecauxCo-chairs NextGen Europe

    Hortense co-founded UNICEF NEXTGen Europe and currently co-Chairs the UK and France committees. She was a strategy consultant in Private Equity for four years at the Boston Consulting Group after having studied Management & Corporate Finance at Royal Holloway. Since leaving BCG in March 2016, Hortense is setting up Codi (www.codi.tech), a combination between a coding bootcamp and a leadership programme based in Beirut (Lebanon) whose aim is to get underprivileged youth to participate in the growing needs of the local and regional ICT sectors.

    Hortense is passionate about the cause UNICEF and NEXTGen fight for together every day, working to save and improve children’s lives all over the world. She is a firm believer that through passion, innovation and drive, the NEXTGen community will make a positive impact on children.

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