Sofia BombieriEntrepreneur, Co-Founder, Olive + Squash

    Sofia recently opened a fast casual restaurant in the City of London, with a focus on local, sustainably sourced ingredients. Sofia and business partner Olivia (fellow NEXTGen committee member) plan to open more shops, hopefully growing their business into the first London fast casual chain to source directly from local farms. Previously, Sofia was an Analyst at Osborne & Partners, where she advised large tech clients on their international expansion strategies. Before that, she studied International Politics at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. While at Georgetown, Sofia found out about NEXTGen and the work the New York team was doing in aid of Unicef. Having supported a small NGO in Cumbum, India, for several years (including a six months stint on the ground), Sofia felt there was a lot to learn from working with a charity that was completely on the other end of the spectrum. UNICEF’s size, reach and most importantly the impact that UNICEF has every day in the lives of millions of children drew Sofia to become a part of the team. Outside of NEXTGen Sofia loves to dance the Marinera and to eat pasta.

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