Ahead of the General Election on Thursday 8 June you’re likely to have local Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and party volunteers knock on your door to discuss why you should vote for them and their party. This is a great opportunity for you to raise Unicef UK’s election priorities and voice your hopes for the elected UK Government.

Like no other election in our lifetime, this general election is about Britain’s role in the world. It is about whether we see ourselves continuing to be a generous country, honouring our commitment to life-saving aid. It is about whether we provide the bridges that will ensure refugee children are reunited safely with their family, protected from trafficking and exploitation.


Unicef UK is calling on all the major political parties to commit to protecting the world’s most vulnerable children by:

  • Reaffirming the UK’s commitment to spend 0.7% of national income on life-saving aid ensuring it is spent in a way that alleviates poverty around the world
  • Protecting refugee children from traffickers and reuniting them with their family


Key talking points:

When political parties knock at your door please take the opportunity to raise Unicef UK’s election priorities. The talking points below are a rough guide for you to follow, but we encourage you to share your personal concerns on why these two issues matter to you.


  • The UK Government – whoever is elected – should protect and support the world’s most vulnerable children. This is important to me because…


  • I strongly believe in the power of life-saving aid to change children’s lives for the better. UK aid has vaccinated millions of children against contracting preventable diseases, ensured thousands of girls receive an education, and lifted children out of poverty around the world. UK aid spent on alleviating poverty is an integral piece of the Britain I want to be a part of.


  • It is important to me to protect refugee children from trafficking and exploitation, and reunite them safely with their family. I would want to see the next UK Government protect those caught up in the refugee crisis – especially unaccompanied children.


  • With the world watching our next General Election perhaps more closely than usual, let’s not diminish our role in the world. I want to see Britain as a globally-minded, compassionate and strong nation by reaffirming our commitment to protect the world’s most vulnerable children.


Unicef UK General Election priorities:


Life-saving aid

In the last few years, and certainly the last few months, we’ve seen a barrage of negative media stories on the UK’s aid budget. Since the General Election was announced, all major political parties have reaffirmed their support for investing 0.7% of national income on overseas aid. This is an encouraging step forward. However, this will only count if we now see this guaranteed in their manifestos, ensuring aid is spent in a way that alleviates poverty around the world – not tied to short-term benefits. Aid must reach those who need it most – that’s real aid. You, and other campaigners, can help make this happen by showing strong constituency support for life-saving aid.


Protecting refugee children

Children are fleeing war and disaster in greater numbers than ever before since World War 2. Without safe and legal routes, refugee children are at far greater risk of trafficking and exploitation. By ensuring safe family reunion processes are in place for children who have relatives in the UK, the next Government can protect children from drowning at sea, suffocating in the back of lorries or being forced into the hands of traffickers and smugglers. You, and other campaigners, can call on all political parties to make this happen.


If you are thinking of attending a local husting check out the Unicef guide here!

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